Mezzanine Floors

Maximise your buildings potential by making the most effective use of your new or existing space, we can help your business operate as efficiently is possible and combat the threat of rising costs in rent, rates and even the potential costly need to move premises.

Our design team can produce a bespoke mezzanine floors and racking system that will maximise every square metre of your warehouse or proposed office space, so speak to us and maximise your potential.

Brazier Interiors is a company that prides itself on its commitment to providing the finest systems available to enhance the performance of handling, storage and distribution requirements.

Delivering significant time and cost saving benefits for customers of all needs and sizes, has seen the company's esteem and reputation increase dramatically.

Brazier Interiors is a lot more than a Mezzanine flooring specialist.

We undertake every aspect required to complete the package offered. Following a full detailed site survey, CAD layout drawings will be produced in detail for further discussion.Expert Engineers construct the system to exact specification and to meet with all required legislation and agreed objectives.

Following delivery of materials, site supervision and progress meetings continue through to final commissioning. Brazier Interiors will ensure that you and your staff are fully conversant with the operation of the system to obtain all the best advantages from your investment.

When required, a full service maintenance contracts are available on request.

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