Category A & Category B Fit-Out

Brazier Interiors specialise in both Category A and Category B fit-out, which one is suitable for your needs?

Let us explain…

Clients of office fit-out contractors like Brazier Interiors tend to be end-users or owners of commercial buildings and are not necessarily experienced in construction.

Consequently, Brazier Interiors experienced teams that can deliver to fixed time, cost and quality criteria with minimum direction or management from the client.

The nature of any fit-out project will be broadly governed by five key considerations:

1. Who does the client organisation serve and what are its corporate objectives?
2. How does the organisation function and how is it structured?
3. What is the condition of the base building?
4. What is the client prepared to spend?
5. When is the space required for occupation?

Types of fit-out

Shell and core
Shell-and-core developments include fully finished landlord areas comprising main entrance and reception, lift and stair cores, lobbies and toilets. These areas are not part of the space rented to the tenant.

The office floor areas are left as a shell ready for category A fit-out.

Category A fit-out
There is no standard definition for category A fit-out – it can vary between owners / developers. Typically, category A is what the developer provides as part of the rentable office space and usually comprises the following:

1. Raised floors
2. Floor coverings
3. Suspended ceilings
4. Extension of the mechanical and electrical services above the ceiling from the riser across
- - the rentable space
5. Finishes to the internal face of the external and core walls
6. Window blinds

Category B fit-out
Category B completes the fit-out to the occupier’s / users specific requirements. It can typically comprise the following:

installation of cellular offices
enhanced finishes
conference/meeting room facilities
reception area
enhanced services / specialist lighting
IT and AV installations
tea point/kitchen fit-out

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